Brain Gym….

Brain Gym is well known and is the foundation level of Educational Kinesiology. Brain Gym was developed by Dr Paul Dennison. Both he and his wife Gail have written many books on this subject and for further details of these visit
Brain Gym is a movement based learning programme that incorporates 26 easy and enjoyable exercises that help the body learn and develop through movement. The exercises are broken into four sections, midline movements, lengthening activities, energy exercises and deepening attitudes.
Brain Gym exercises help the individual to take forward a new learning process that can help them overcome specific learning challenges.

Brain Gym For The Under 5’s….

For the under 5 age group the exercises will help them develop their own individual skills in preparation for school and later learning.
Examples of areas of benefit are;

Interaction with others
Listening skills
Hand/Eye Co-ordination
Hand Control
Visual skills

Brain Gym For Children And Adults….

For school children and adults the benefits of a Brain Gym session will not only help develop their skills but will enhance the way they take in and process information. Areas for improvement will be very individual and examples of benefit are;

Focus and Attention
Greater self awareness



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